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OK, (must pimp rh_chorus and sm_chorus before I begin.

Requests are to be posted on this post ONLY. If you want a paritcular icon, please be as specific as possible. From now on, if you request ANYWHERE ELSE, it will be ignored. This is easier for me to keep track of.

Here are the answers to those questions that you are dying to know.

What fonts do you use?
I use Arial Black, Palatino Linotype (BOLD), and Georgia (BOLD and/or italicized), all in size 5. If I am making small text, it is usually size 3.

What does your icon's small text say?
Random things. Lyrics, what the icon is about. The small text is mainly decoration, and I will not answer you if you ask what the text says.

Can I make a request?
Of course! Requests are only to be done on THIS post from now on. Please include what it is about and if you want it to say a specific text. I will usually get your requests done in a couple of days, depending on how much requests I get.

Can I have a base to a particular icon?
I don't usually do bases. If the base is easy to get, I might (and that is a serious might) do it. Manipulation bases will NOT be done, so therefore, don't ask for on.

Can I be an affiliate?
Sure. Just tell me your username!

WHY DID YOU DO THIS ICON? It is so ugly! I hate it!
Then get out. I won't listen to you telling me my icons are ugly. Find another icon journal. (This last one is to complete the list, knowing that some people would bash my icons. Oh well.)

Any more questions? Ask here. If you want to request something, request it in a different comment!
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