bitter_icons (bitter_icons) wrote,

Hello everyone. I have been noticing some of you haven't been following the rules, and I just wanted to tell you what they are.

Comment and credit bitter_icons or bitter_grace if you take any icons! I've noticed that some people are not doing this. Please, I will tell you once and please credit me.

Requests will be taken at [ THIS ] post only.

Resources could be found [ HERE ].

Do not direct link. Please save on your own server!

You could nominate my icons at hp_awards, sw_awards, or gg_awards (or any other awards site...), just tell me about it!

You are more than welcome to friend me, but I might not friend you back. I'm sorry, but I just can't clog up my friends page, because it has all the contests I am a part of in it.

And finally, a minor pimping to rh_chorus and sm_chorus.
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